Welcome to HoneyHarp Sports & Athletics

HoneyHarp Sports & Athletics is a locally owned, community driven company that strives to offer full service sports and athletics to Centre Wellington and surrounding area.  Our community continues to grow and the youth of tomorrow grow with it.  What better way to teach kids about confidence, self work, respect and resiliency than to learn these character skills through sport and athletics.  HoneyHarp Sports and Athletics is a product of two dads’ vision for a healthy and vibrant community and we’re excited to offer a variety of opportunities here in Fergus and Eloras.

What we offer

Whether it be 3 on 3 hockey, summer sports day camp, fall hockey camp, HoneyHarp looks to provide an inclusive, safe and fun environment for kids and families.  HoneyHarp also offers opportunities for on-site print screening as well as a full range of active sportswear for your team or business.

3 on 3 Starts in:


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